It’s time to turn crank up the whole house fans!

Now that we’re getting into the warmer months, are you ready to start using your whole house fan? It’s a great way to keep your home cool! Using whole house fans can reduce your utility costs (compared with using an air conditioner), and they also help reduce your carbon footprint! Want to learn more? Check out…/8-benefits-of-a-whole-house-… for more info.

We’ve developed an app called Cool Off to help you know when to use your whole house fan. With our busy schedules, it can be burdensome to continuously check the weather to know when it’s cool enough outside to turn on the whole house fan, let alone remembering to even use it! Cool Off helps take away the guesswork and automatically notifies you when it’s cool enough outside to turn it on. It also notifies you when it’s too hot outside so that you don’t inadvertently bring in the hot outdoor air inside your home. The app is available on Android and iOS devices.

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