Cool Off App notifies you to turn off air conditioner and turn on whole house fan

Cool Off App Launches to Save You Money and Reduce Carbon Footprint

Cool Off, an app that uses a proprietary monitoring system to notify users when they can use natural, greener methods to cool their home instead of using energy consuming air conditioners (A/Cs), launches today in the app store for iOS and Google Play. The app focuses on helping users reduce the household carbon footprint, all while saving on their electric costs. Cool Off makes it easy by taking out the guess work for users. It does the calculations and projections needed to determine when to turn off the A/C, based on users’ preferred temperature settings. Cool Off uses your desired temperature settings so you can be green and save money without having to compromise on comfort.

“We created this app because it was something that we needed in order to solve a problem we were having. On days we needed to use our A/C, it was running long after it was cool outside, which we felt was wasting electricity and money. With our busy schedules, it wasn’t realistic to constantly check if the weather was cool enough outside to turn off the A/C”, said co-founder of Cool Off, Alice Keshmeshian.  “We also noticed that on some days, when it felt cooler, we would turn it off and open the windows, only to notice warm air was flowing in the house a bit later because it had gotten warmer outside. The app has helped us be greener for the environment and save money”.

The average American household central A/C uses enough electricity each year (2800 kWh) to cause the release of over two tons of carbon dioxide and therefore greenhouse gasses into the air. Cool Off automatically monitors and notifies you when the temperature is cool enough to turn off your A/C and use less electricity, thereby helping to reduce the greenhouse gas that’s harming us and our environment.

CoolOff’s proprietary monitoring system uses the latest weather data from Weather Underground and performs calculations, based on your preferences and forecasted weather for your location. Cool Off factors in fluctuations in the weather and ensures that once you receive your notification to turn off your A/C, the outdoor temperature will only get cooler for the remainder of the day.

The Cool Off App is now available in app stores for Apple and Android devices. There’s a free version and a premium version that removes advertisements and offers automatic scheduled monitoring. For more information, please visit:

About Cool Off App:

Cool Off App is a revolutionary app that helps you save money while reducing your carbon footprint An A/C in the US alone results in an average of about 100 million tons of CO2 emissions from power plants every year. Cool Off App is doing its part to reduce that number, one household at a time. The app works to notify users to turn off their A/C and start using natural, greener methods to cool their homes.

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