About Cool Off

Cool Off is a revolutionary app that automatically notifies you when the weather outside is cool enough to turn off your air conditioner and start using greener methods to cool your home, like opening windows and turning on whole house fans. Before Cool Off, reducing A/C use meant having to lower your standards on comfort by enduring warmer weather, waiting until the evening to turn off your A/C, or having to constantly check the weather outside to know the right time to use greener methods to cool your home. Not only does Cool Off take away all the guess work for you, Cool Off makes it virtually effortless and financially beneficial to becoming environmentally friendly. The ability to customize your settings means not having to compromise on comfort.

Notification air conditioner is not needed. Can turn on whole house fans.

Go Green

Helps reduce your carbon footprint by using less electricity when A/C is not needed.

Cool Off helps maximize use of whole house fans

Energy Efficient

Use the outdoor air to cool your home like opening windows and using whole house fans.


Cool Off supports locations all over the world that are monitored by The Dark Sky Company.

Save Money

Reducing your home's A/C use will save you money by lowering your electricity bill.


Get automatically notified when it's cool outside to turn off your A/C and to turn on your whole house fan.

Cool Off helps save you money by reducing air conditioner use and increasing whole house fan


Free and low monthly subscription packages that are handled by Apple App Store and Google Play.