Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not listed here, please contact us!

The app is designed to monitor weather one day at a time. There are instances where some locations doesn’t get cool enough after 12AM. Since most people are sleeping around that that time, we designed Cool Off App so that the monitoring and notifications are performed while users are awake.

Cool Off displays the time on your dashboard based on the location you have selected to monitor. If your device is setup on a different time zone than the location being monitored, you will see two different times. You can update the timezone on your device to match with the location you are monitoring or change the location you are monitoring to match with the timezone setup on your device.

The purpose of tapping the refresh icon allows your device to re-sync the data from Cool Off’s server in cases when your device lost internet. Since Cool Off automatically refreshes the data based on specific weather conditions, you don’t need to manually refresh unless your device had lost internet and you would like to check if Cool Off has updated information since the last time it was synced.

This notification is given when monitoring ends at your stop time and your desired outdoor temperature was not reached. You can try changing your stop time to a later time and increase your desired outdoor temperature.

In the Android version, you can change the notification settings directly within the app, located in the Alerts screen.

In the Apple App version, you can change the notification settings by going Settings -> Cool Off -> Notifications.

You can cancel an active subscription by going into the Subscription screen in the app and tapping Cancel Subscription. You will be taken to the respective Apple App or Google Play store where you can cancel your subscription. For more information, please visit the following sites:

Google Play store:

Apple App store:

Green: Monitoring is in progress and your desired outdoor temperature is attainable.

Orange: Monitoring is not in progress or your desired outdoor temperature is potentially unattainable.

Red: There are errors communicating with the server (e.g. Your device has no Internet access).

This error message is displayed when a user attempts to login using a different device platform than the type originally used upon registration. For example, if you created an account on an Android platform, you will be able to login with other Android devices, but will not be able to login using devices using iOS platform. The same is true if you created an account on an iOS platform – you will have the ability of logging in to your account on other iOS devices, but not on Android devices.

Most people check the weather on a daily basis and have the ability to get an estimated time the temperature will drop to or below their desired temp. However, weather is unpredictable and can often drop for a short period of time, then rise again. This pattern can occur more than once throughout the day before it becomes consistently cooler for the remainder of the day.

Cool Off app utilizes a patent pending algorithm when monitoring weather – factoring in fluctuations so that when you receive our notification to turn off your A/C, you can trust that it will only get cooler for the remainder of the day. Cool Off takes away the guess work and saves you time from having to constantly check the weather to know when to turn off your air conditioner and use greener methods to cool your home.

Please check your spam/junk folder for the email containing your one-time password. If you are still having issues, please contact us for assistance.

This can occur if your device does not have internet or in certain locations, advertisements are unavailable. Please try again or upgrade your account to Premium.

Cool Off determined that your desired outdoor temperature might not be reached today because it’s too hot. You have a few options in this scenario. You could increase your desired temperature, change your stop time to end at a later time, or leave it as is and monitoring will continue.

If the location you entered is not showing in the list, try using the GPS feature to have the location automatically selected. If this does not work, it is possible your location is not supported. In such cases, we suggest entering in a major city that is near your location.

Cool Off requires a monthly subscription because there are on-going costs associated with monitoring weather, servers, support, and maintenance.

Ensure that alerts are enabled in the app and the app has permission to give alerts from your device. Another option is to uninstall and reinstall the Cool Off app. If you’re still having issues, please contact us for further troubleshooting instructions.

The automatic monitoring feature is currently offered for subscribers of our PREMIUM package.

This is to ensure the monitoring process accurately monitors your location. If you would like to change the monitor settings once it has begun, you will need to stop monitoring first and then change the settings as desired.

If you are finding it is still too hot outside, you can lower your desired temperature to a lower value. For example, if you find that 75F is still too warm, you can choose a desired temperature of 72F.

Cool Off gets the weather data from The Dark Sky Company.

You can find the terms of use by clicking here.

You can find the privacy policy by clicking here.

Free version allows you to use Cool Off with advertising. Premium version removes the advertising and allows you to have monitoring automatically start on selected days.

If you don’t have A/C and use a whole house fan to cool your home, Cool Off can let you know when it’s cool enough outside to turn it on.

For users that have a free subscription, the ads are only displayed when you start monitoring. The premium subscription does not display any ads.

Yes, you can change this preference under the Configure Monitoring screen.

Cool Off is intended to be used on any day you use your A/C, no matter what the season.

Not at this time. However, Cool Off is considering the implementation of this feature, based on demand.

The app is designed to monitor one location per account. If you would like to monitor multiple locations, you can do so by creating a separate account and using Cool Off on a separate device.

Yes, you can change it in the Configure Monitoring screen.

Yes, you can change the location when monitoring is not in progress. The app automatically determines your location by using the GPS feature or you can manually set the location.

Not at this time. However, Cool Off is considering the implementation of this feature, based on demand.

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